Erik Strauch

I am CEO and founder of EGS WELLNESS & NUTRITION.

I am a Faith Based online nutrition coach, personal trainer, and wellness mentor. I am also a husband and father of two amazing daughters. My wife and I will celebrate our 17th anniversary together and we have been together for over 22 years. I am an accomplished personal trainer with over 10 years of success stories. My nutrition background comes in the form of an extensive successful bodybuilding career spanning three decades of blood sweat and tears of knowledge. I am also enjoying my journey of biohacking to add to my wellness mentorship and overall full circle of services I offer.

Business takeaways that every client will gain when working with me are as follows: Education, Empowerment, and the ability to Excel. On a personal note my clients always will receive the following from me: My Unconditional Belief in them, My Passion, My Heart and My Desire for them to accomplish their dreams and crush their goals.