Ashley Beal

A healthy lifestyle has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember! I played division 1 basketball as well as 1 year overseas in Australia. When I got back home I immediately jumped into the bodybuilding competing arena. I have always been intrigued by health, fitness and overall wellness. Having spent years as a personal trainer, helping others navigate their overall health goals has been an incredible journey.

I have a passion for continuing education. Have you ever heard the quote, "When you stop learning you start dying" by Albert Einstein? Knowledge is key! The brain is just like the muscles in your body, the more you use it the stronger it gets. For you, continuing education can be in several areas of your life. Maybe it's being a better parent, being a better business owner/partner, pet owner, or maybe you are here because you want to have a better awareness of your body and your overall wellness!

As your coach I want to help guide you to living your best healthy life! You might just be amazed at how strong you are mentally and physically. Maybe you have spent so much time not believing that, but I am here to show you that you are capable of going places mentally and physically that you never thought was possible. I believe in you!