Thomas Hylton


Thomas Hylton has been involved and interested in the fitness and nutrition industry for many years.  With an engineering background he brings an analytical mindset and passion for helping others with their health and put an end to the yo yo dieting lifestyle. 

Beginning his fitness journey over 20 yrs ago, he has always sought to break his family’s health and weight related health issue filled legacy.  As a father of 2 small boys and husband to his wife of 15 years, he understands the struggles of balancing a busy life and investing in your health.  With this business he hopes to begin a new legacy for the coming generations. 

Thomas has a proven track record for producing great results and athletic performance achievements.  Training his wife for several years for powerlifting, she set several State and National records in multiple organizations, as well as successfully coaching himself and friends competing within both NPC and Natural bodybuilding organizations in the mens physique and classic physique categories.

Thomas has always had a passion for nutrition that really took off when he started competing.  Having experienced the joy that comes from having control over his own health he sought to help others experience the same.  Always striving to learn and absorb more information with nutrition and fitness, Thomas looks forward to passing on this knowledge to his clients and helping them find a sustainable lifestyle that is designed specifically for them to achieve their goals

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