Evan Regenwether

Hello! My name is Evan Regenwether, and I am the proud owner of Dedicated Strength & Nutrition, LLC. I hail from the great Mississippi Valley region of Illinois, and currently reside in the Denver, Colorado area. Growing up, I was extremely active, and played every sport imaginable. That eventually became focused into a few main sports and activities that required specific programming and differing training philosophies. This is where the passion was sparked, and my true journey into fitness and nutrition began.

Upon graduating from Western Illinois University with a degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition, I set off and sprinted into the world to develop my craft. Over my 10+ years of experience within the fitness industry, I’ve had the opportunity to train and program for youth to collegiate athletes, competitive CrossFit athletes, elderly athletes, and of course, all populations requiring their best efforts for their weekend adventures, keeping up with their children, and anything in-between. I’ve been able to acquire the best industry-leading certifications and experiences to become extremely well-versed in understanding the dynamics of human movement, and further understanding the crucial role that nutrition plays into that equation.

As I began to use nutrition as a tool to fuel my own weekend adventures into the mountains, I knew that this was the answer for the longevity of my clients, and everyone around me. I’m a firm believer that everyone is an athlete and should stay active as long as possible and having proper nutrition habits are crucial in achieving that! Working with me in your journey to achieving your goals will leave you with a lasting education on the importance of nutrition within the human body, and the mindset that will be required in order to create lasting, and sustainable change.

Let’s chat on your “why” and get you started on your journey for the BEST version of yourself TODAY!