Steven Montoya

Steven is a Nasm certified personal trainer, has worked with a multitude of clients from teenage to 80 year old clients, those that are recovering from surgery (shoulders, knees, lower back to name a few) want to lose weight ( up to 100lbs lost) , feel better overall(getting off multiple medications), and getting stronger( female 50yo + state champ power lifter, and another 24 yo national qualifier) . He has a long time passion for the health and fitness industry, and speaks fluent Spanish. He had a knee and back injury which prevented him from lifting heavy for a lil while but recovered and is now stronger than ever before. He has competed in an natural Indiana bodybuilding show, powerlifting competition and enjoys doing tough mudders and 5ks! His goal is to meet you where you are and help you to become the best version you can become physically and mentally through nutrition, training, and mindset.