Brian Laubert

Hi! I am Brian Laubert, owner/operator of Hurricane Alley Athletics LLC. My passion for fitness began with my love for sports during my youth. Eventually, that love transformed into a quest for personal improvement. That quest led me to today.

Hurricane Alley Athletics strives to add value to others by equipping them with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual foundations, skills, habits and tools required for success. We train a wide range of individuals, from competitive athletes to the individual who just wants to live a healthier lifestyle to the young child who just wants to have fun. Regardless of the individual and his/her goals, Hurricane Alley Athletics emphasizes mobility, flexibility, agility, strength, power, speed, explosiveness, and endurance. The approach ti each individual varies, but the outcome is the same, differing only by degree. Train with us and you will experience increased performance; stinger and more flexible connective tissues resulting in decreased injuries; increased physical, mental, and spiritual health; and an exponentially higher quality of life.

Thank you for your interest in Hurricane Alley Athletics. Link up with us today, and let us take you to the next level. Take advantage of your full potential today! 🔥🦾🐬🌪🔥

Brian Laubert
Hurricane Alley Athletics LLC