Stacy Elliott

Hi, my name is Stacy and I am a single mom with 1 son. I have always been active, whether it is golf, cheerleading, swimming or track in school. I have found my love of being active is also deeply rooted in my son. I enjoy golf, swimming, walking my dog, biking and of course the gym. If I am not doing any of these things, you can probably find me at a baseball field cheering on my son as he is a travel baseball athlete.

At the age of 35, I found myself going through what you could call the worst time of my life; Covid-19 outbreak and a divorce. While I could have taken the anger/sadness/etc path, I found my new drive and deep passion for training for competition. I hired a coach and found myself in another terrible situation. 3 weeks before I was to step on stage for my 1st competition, I found my coach was "one of the bad ones". I quickly fired and hired a new coach immediately and didn't skip a beat towards the stage. Unfortunately, that stage appearance was delayed since, I myself, contracted Covid-19 during Peak Week. Since 2020, I have been training for my debut in Wellness and Figure competitively, with plans to take to the stage 2024.

I would love to pass my knowledge on to others and help them reach their goals and change their mindset. My passion for this industry has helped me create Elite Edge Nutrition and Wellness. My goal is to share my knowledge and remove barriers and create a safe place to learn and grow in your personal/family nutrition as well as improve your personal mindset of yourself and your body. These factors together take training and/or "dieting" as a chore and make them an amazing results filled lifestyle change for the better.