Scotty Laxton

Faith, Fire, & Fitness

Whats up good people my name is Scotty Laxton and I'm a 41 year old happy husband and father to 2 children and step father to 1 in the beautiful mountain state of West Virginia. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and He has been the leader of my life and through Him I lead my family and am now leading others on their journey in health and fitness! Growing up as a child i was overweight and unhealthy but had a strong interest in sports and started to play and learn how to train my body and get in better shape for competitions. This turned into a true passion for sports and working out and developing overall health that I still carry to this day. When I say overall, I mean physical, mental, and spiritual health all the same. I truly believe each connects into the others and to be fully healthy you need to exercise and develope all 3. I believe I was put here to help people achieve their goals because helping others succeed whether on the court, the field, classroom or on their jobs as coworkers has always brought me joy. I believe a positive determined mindset with proper preparation can accomplish anything. A negative outlook will never produce a positive outcome!

The hardest part of anything is the first step. That courage to get started definitely takes a leap of faith. But the victories we experience along the journey are well worth it. I recognize I myself am still on the journey and welcome you to come on this journey with me! Whether you are middle aged (like me), wanting to get back in shape, a student athlete wanting to up your training for next season, or just at a time in your life you are wanting to do better and feel better for your loved ones, God bless and always remember progress has many speeds, but no limits.