Paula Kelley

Hello! My name is Paula. I live in a small town in North Texas. I’m the mother of an adult son and Gigi to an amazing granddaughter. They are the greatest joys in my life. I’m also a cat mom. My other interests include my local church, reading, politics, dancing and traveling.

For too much of my adult life, I have struggled with my weight. I made all the typical excuses for why I couldn’t eat healthy. I would get fed up enough with myself to lose weight, but soon enough return to all my old habits. I was always looking for the quick fix. My perfectionist all or nothing attitude did not help me. I was either 100% committed or 100% off the wagon.

In 2016 I found myself at my highest weight ever. I was having crippling anxiety attacks. I knew I had to make serious changes before I began to have real health problems. I decided to REDESIGN my life. My results did not come quickly, but as I stayed consistent, I began to see them. To my surprise, my journey even began to inspire others. It’s been 7 years and it’s been far from perfect. But I strive every day to be better than yesterday. I’ve had to learn that there is no finish line. My health and wellbeing are a lifelong journey.

I now have a strong passion for health and fitness. I’ve had my greatest successes when I’ve worked with coaches which inspired me to want to coach others on their own journey. This prompted me to launch RESIGN Nutrition & Wellness. I am a NASM Certified Nutrition Coach and Behavior Change Specialist. I aspire to one day be a Certified Personal Trainer too.

My desire is to see everyone become the best version of themselves and live their best life. I believe our bodies can be healed with nutritious food and self-care. My mind has been opened over the past year to a more holistic approach. No diets: education, accountability, habits, and mindset are the tools needed. I want to see each person as the individual they are because one size does not fit all.

I recently read this quote: “Change your life by changing your actions”. I couldn’t agree more. It would be my honor to be your coach on your health journey. Together, let’s change your actions and RESIGN your life.