Ernest Trujillo

Hi I am Ernie founder of FitMOG. Have you ever looked in the mirror and hated what you saw? Like you were living a lie and trying to pretend life was ok? My story starts as a young man being bounced around from home to home, feeling abandoned, lost and unwanted. Trying to stay out of trouble, looking for acceptance, consistency and something to do I found success playing football.

My athletic career opened a path to a college degree and a successful career coaching football and winning lots of games and even some championships. I found myself always seeking that next win, the next championship, and the desire to work so hard that I would gain. I was fortunate to win some games and some championships. These successes were great for the moment, but the satisfaction quickly faded and I would continue to feel empty, with little to no true purpose in life.

In my late 30’s I found myself, more than 50lbs overweight, had back issues, struggles in my relationships and I wasn’t happy with what I saw in the mirror both physically and spiritually. Like most men, I tried to fill that empty space by playing the parts of a perfect family, with perfect clothes, a perfect truck, the perfect jobs, continuing to climb the ladder for that next move for the future – but I was never truly satisfied.

While trying to do something else the right way I was occasionally attending Church and at that time that I was invited to attend a men’s ministry group. With the often said “Ill think about it” Initially I laughed at the thought of going. Who needed other men? Especially men in a ministry group? Eventually I gave in after numerous nudges from God. However I truly didn’t have a desire to participate. I can remember sitting in the back with my arms crossed, telling myself “I didn’t need this churchy stuff, I can do it on my own”. However I committed to something and I was going to see it through for 10 weeks. A few weeks in I realized not only was I emotionally and physically broken but I was spiritually broken as well. It was right there that I game my life to Christ. I had a renewed relationship with Jesus and doors started to open. Amazing things started to happen, I lost over 50lbs, my faith grew tremendously and new disciplines started becoming part of who I am. Now as a grandfather I am in the best shape of my life both physically and spiritually.

Are you needing to move the needle in your fitness and faith?

If you are anything like me and wanting to get physically and spiritually fit, FitMOG is for you! Join me as I help others just like you to get physically and spiritually fit so you can live a purpose filled life.