Julie LaPorta

Julie LaPorta

​Julie is a wife, mom, nana, and minister.  She believes God has a purpose for all of us, and that many are not able to fulfill that purpose due to unhealthy lifestyles.  Julie believes one of her purposes is to help people learn how to live a healthy lifestyle so they can do all that God has planned for them, and, to achieve their own personal goals.

When it comes to being overweight, Julie can honestly say, “Been there, done that”!  Because of her own personal journey, she understands the struggle of trying to lose weight through “diets”, and the inability to maintain a comfortable weight after the “diet” is over.

When Julie started her initial weight loss journey, she joined a gym, hired personal trainers, and worked out for a couple of years.  She noticed some changes, but she still could not achieve her comfortable weight through just working out alone.  Julie realized she did not need another “diet”, she needed a new lifestyle instead.

That’s when she became a client herself of the MACRO Missionary nutrition program and lost 48 pounds in less than one year. That is why Julie has become a believer and cheerleader of the MACRO Missionary lifestyle.

Julie’s new level of fitness has enabled her to achieve God’s purpose for her, which is preaching whenever and wherever she is called.  It has also allowed her to achieve her own personal goals, such as being a very active nana, and competing in both the CrossFit Open competition and Spartan races.  

Julie wants all of her clients to achieve the same quality of life that she has achieved for herself.  She knows you no longer have to sit on the sidelines in life.  You can achieve God’s purpose for you, and, your own personal goals by attaining a higher level of personal health. 

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