Chase Kaufman

My name is Chase and I have been a fitness professional for the past 8 years working with clients of all ages and goals. I have competed in bodybuilding with the sole intention of getting out of my own comfort zone and to see what I could accomplish. I do my best to instill this same mindset to my clients so that they too can achieve more than they thought possible.

I attended college at the University of Southern Indiana, originally to pursue a degree in marketing. After a few semesters of business classes, I soon realized that my passion was with helping others live a healthier life and ended up graduating with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science with a focus in Strength and Conditioning. I received a personal training certification through ISSA while attending school, and later became a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

After college, it was important for me and my soon to be wife to move closer to our families. So we packed up our cats and moved back to northwest Indiana. Since then I have been working in the gym industry, running training programs with the dream of helping as many people as I can reach their goals and improve their health.

I now want to use what I’ve learned and apply it to as many people as possible though online training! As a coach, I try to meet my clients with both empathy and tough love. I love getting to know the people I’m working with, motivating them, and using science-based techniques to help them achieve a new level.