Brendon Smith

My name is Brendon Smith. I have been a swimmer for 17 years and have coached at a high level as well as teens and kids. I studied Business Administration and Finance at Bellarmine University, but my true passion was fitness and nutrition. I understand the hardships of trying to fit in fitness in your daily schedule. I will find the best way for you to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your own. Depending on your goals.

Through willpower, consistency, and patience we can together work towards a plan to incorporate a healthy lifestyle that fits you. A lifestyle that doesn’t follow the traditional hardcore dieting fads. A lifestyle that allows you to feel great and can go out for that family dinner or bar on the weekends.

As an aspiring amateur bodybuilder, a previous swimmer, and CrossFit competitor. I have the tools to help achieve any sort of goal that you want.

I am excited for you to take that next step and know that it is possible. To help you and educate not for just the short term, but for you to use that knowledge forever.