Jamey Arrick

Do you have goals to get healthier this year? Engage in a new fitness routine? Allow me to be your coach/mentor during your fitness journey. I’m Jamey, and I have a passion for fitness and helping others reach their fitness goals.

I have been very active in fitness for over 20+ years. I was an athlete in high school and continue playing basketball at a D2 college, until an injury occurred, and I was unable to play due to pain. Few years later I found powerlifting. I still had severe pain, but had a decision to make, be in pain doing nothing or gain something from my pain, hence the phrase, “no pain, no gain”. I acquired so much confidence in the 10 years of powerlifting, I decided to compete in strongman competitions. Throughout my 20 years of powerlifting and strongman, I became physically and mentally stronger.

I believe God has called me to help you in your fitness journey. Whatever fitness level you are at, beginner, intermediate, or advanced, allow me to help you reach your health and fitness goals.