Dusti Boyer

Being a mature woman over 40 & pushing 50, I have had my fair share of issues with weight. I have had these issues my entire life. About 10 years ago I lost 65 pounds on my own doing at home DVDs and just winging the diet thing. Ever since then I have tried just about every fad diet out there to keep it off. I have tried just about every miracle pill out there and guess what, they don’t work!

Then you discover proper nutrition and weights! To make a long story short I loved it and you will too! So I got a certification for CrossFit Level 1 and I am also a certified nutrition coach for Precision Nutrition. Currently I am working on a certification that is for women only and dealing with women only issues through proper nutrition and proper workouts.

I still struggle with my weight but now it is because of “the change”. But you will have all the tools you need to keep moving forward. I am not the physique model that everybody would like to be but I am “my fit”. You will learn how to be “your fit” and how that Instagram model that you look up to so much isn’t. There are so many unrealistic expectations out there now days and I want to keep it real for you ladies!

I will keep things as simple as possible for you! I don’t believe in BAD foods but I do believe in balance! I don’t believe in miracle pills but I do believe in the miracle of the mind and body!

There is some work involved but everything takes some work. I am a coal miner in Wyoming and shift work is very hard to prepare for, especially when you are gone for about 16 hours a day. But I have cracked the code on that and you can too! I’ve been doing it for many years now!

Everybody should have goal and I want to help you reach yours! I have my own goal….it is to be in the best shape of my life by the time I am 50! Ladies, life doesn’t have to stop over 40 or when you start the big change! Imagine your day full of energy and getting that to do list done sooner so you can get to the things that you WANT to do! There is a lot of life left to live!!

So I will not only be your coach, I will also be a teammate!! Just remember….this is not a sprint it’s more like a slow jog (I am not a runner!). I can’t wait to help you obtain the small goals to reach the BIG goal!!