Danielle Hofer


Danielle teaches self-value and self-care while fighting obesity and obesity related diseases by creating a sustainable lifestyle that focuses on functional nutrition, functional fitness, and longevity.

Nutrition coaching is far more than me giving you macros, a meal plan, a shake, or restricting your intake of all the foods you love. Yes, I’ll utilize the tool of macros to ensure you’re adequately nourishing your body, but you are not responsible right out of the gate for hitting your macros. You will grow over time in accountability because I’ll be giving you input to help guide you toward your goals.

You get to choose the foods you want to eat. We practice food freedom here, where you get your needs before your wants. With me, there are no “good” or “bad” foods and no foods are “off limits”. You’ll learn and practice SUSTAINABLE habits that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

​​I get to help you navigate your busy schedule, your life, social events, self-doubt, long generational lines of obesity, negative self-talk, and sift through all the social media or your girlfriend from college’s ploys to hock shakes or other fallacies.

​Imagine a life with no more yo-yo dieting. No more falling off the wagon. You’re never doing a 30 day reset or 30 day challenge again. You’ll never buy detox teas, “fat burning” pills, or “metabolism boosting” pills again.

Imagine a life where your relationship with food and your body are improved, and dare I say, empowered. You’ll learn how to trust a process that works. You’ll learn how to live your life intentionally and passionately, not out of punishment or self-hate any more.

Through very personalized 1:1 coaching (no crash diets, no quick fixes, no meals plans and no templates), we will work together to ensure you are eating at maintenance calories FIRST and hit all your health markers. This may mean you will need to eat more food FIRST for a period of time.

We will focus heavily on health markers, self-care, biofeedback markers (energy, sleep, sex drive, hunger, performance and recovery, digestion) and non-scale victories that include attitude, spiritual, and mental health.

You’ll learn how to show up for yourself every day, so that you can show up for your family, friends and co-workers.