Tom Sullivant

Hi. I’m Tom Sullivant, fitness and nutrition coach. I am excited and ready to assist you. My mission, when you’re ready to step up—to help you resolve your everyday struggle with nutrition, mindset, and motivation to bring about the strength and confidence to achieve your unique individual potential. Everyone struggles with something, that’s why God created coaches. I listen to your story and draw upon my 30+ years of military and fitness experience to usher in positive change and feel-good energy. Are you ready to slough off your doubts and excuses and get serious about your well-being?

Highlights about me:

I grew up on a ranch in Oregon. Finished school. Retired from the USAF. Been coaching private and group fitness and nutrition ever since. I’ve traveled the world and sampled the food. Met a lot of good people. I’ve discovered that our body is meant to be used and lived in, not ignored or taken for granted. My dad died from cancer caused by cigarettes at too young an age. That won’t happen to me. I’m planning on 120 active years.

I love weight lifting, coaching, running, cycling, cooking, reading and writing (I write sci-fi action-adventure in my sparse spare time), LEGO kits, and my cat, Muscles.

I look forward to the honor of being part of your journey into better fitness and overall wellness.

“We only live once and we have only one body, let’s make the most of both.”