Tyran Claypool

Welcome to Resiliency LLC, where we believe in sculpting not just bodies, but resilient lives. I'm Tyran Claypool, your dedicated guide on this transformative journey. My passion for fitness and nutrition isn't just professional—it's personal.

Growing up, I struggled with confidence, often feeling overshadowed by my small stature. But at the age of 15, after picking up a fitness magazine and seeing confident people getting amazing results, it was then that I realized that I have control. That moment sparked a desire for change, a longing to rewrite my story. Thus began my fitness journey—a journey that not only transformed my physique but changed the entire trajectory of my life.

From a ISWA state champion in high school and collegiate wrestling to proudly serving in the Indiana Army National Guard, resilience became my ally. I competed in men's bodybuilding Natural Physique Competitions and proudly earned the title of Mr. Indiana in 2015. These achievements aren't just accolades; they represent the power of resilience and the potential within each of us waiting to be unleashed.

Choosing to be a coach was a natural evolution, born out of the deep desire to share the transformative power of fitness and nutrition.

Resiliency LLC is more than a business; it's a sanctuary for those seeking strength, inside and out.

In this ever-challenging world, my mission as the founder is to craft more than just workouts and meal plans; I'm here to help you build a foundation of enduring strength. We don't just chase fitness goals at Resiliency LLC; we create a lifestyle that's resilient to the twists and turns of life.

With personalized coaching in fitness, nutrition, and the mindset of a warrior, we're not just transforming bodies; we're forging unbreakable spirits. Join us at Resiliency LLC, where we're not just sculpting bodies; we're empowering lives to stand tall, no matter what life throws their way.

Let's embark on this journey together—because resilience isn't just a trait; it's a way of life.