Crystal Catalina

Crystal is on a mission to teach you how to heal from within! She is a licensed mental health professional, as well as a certified nutrition coach & personal trainer. Her program at Being & Becoming in Alignment Wellness Coaching takes a mental health approach to fitness, nutrition, & embracive wellness.

Crystal’s heart is just about as large & Texas-sized as her extensive background in various positions under the umbrella of wellbeing & service to others. With a long-standing professional background in mental health (Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work), Crystal has experience providing therapy to veterans with PTSD, eating disorders, high suicidality, & patterns of addiction. She has worked closely with patients diagnosed with cancer, in both medical & mental health arenas. She has worked as a psychiatric crisis counselor in 9-1-1 dispatch. She has also organized & facilitated groups to low income populations in local community centers, teaching them how to navigate their own mental health, ushering a reduction of emergency room visits. She has 6 yrs experience as an EMT on Houston ambulances, including 2 yrs contracted by the Texas prison system. She also has experience working with special needs children, as well as homeless teens on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum.

Crystal’s unique style of coaching will support and guide you into awareness & gratitude for the very essence of your being. Together, we will dig deep to access the root causes of imbalances, in order to guide you through the shift required to transform your mind AND body. The intention is to create long term, consistent, sustainable change, via the 5 Pillars of Aligned Wellness, so you can step into how it truly feels to become in full alignment to the highest version of yourself for the rest of your life!

Crystal’s passions include all forms of the arts, transcendental thinking, paddleboarding, roller skating, playing with her two hyperactive pit bulls, and living life to the fullest in neon technicolor! Her energy & zest for life is contagious, and will certainly spark your own belief in yourself to hit your goals & reach beyond what you’d imagined possible!