Cynthia Dombrowski

Hi my name is Cynthia. I am so excited to assist you on your health and wellness journey with nutrition, mindset, motivation and confidence to achieve your unique individual goals. Everyone's journey looks a little different. Meaning the same approach doesn't always work for everyone. We all have different struggles and challenges and I want to help you navigate through those with the proper support, tools and resources to do so with ease and excitement.

A little bit about me:
I struggled with an eating disorder for many years. I did every yo-yo diet keeping me on the hamster wheel of diet misery. It's a vicious cycle that creates a horrible relationship with food. I've learned so much through my own journey and want to share that knowledge with you. Teaching you how to incorporate positive life style changes that you can easily commit too. Helping you understand that food can be fuel and medicine for your bodies and can ultimately help heal it. I am a breast implant illness warrior and advocate. I am living proof that you can heal your body with proper nutrition, emotional, spiritual and physical support.

I love hiking, biking, kayaking, running, walking my dogs and quality time with my hubby. I am a certified bungee and rebounding instructor and love weight lifting.

Looking forward to the privilege of being part of your journey into better health and overall wellness.

Our health is truly our greatest blessing.