Jennifer Hill

Hello! My name is Jennifer Hill

I am a single mother of two wonderful teenage girls. I am a proud Momma, but also down on my knees praying for them daily - hoping they continue to make good decisions! 😊

I have been a lifelong fitness enthusiast. I started my fitness journey as a runner. I have completed numerous 5Ks and 10Ks, dozens of half marathons and 1 marathon (which was a physical challenge I set for my self for my 49th birthday) and even a Tough Mudder (just for fun)!

I transitioned into CrossFit and Bootcamp, but then got sucked into transforming my body through Body Building. I set a physical challenge for myself for my 50th birthday to compete on stage as an NPC Figure Competitor, but my shoulder had other plans….so after a complete should rebuild, I stepped on stage November 2021 at 51 for my first ever competition (placing 2nd and 3rd) and presenting the best version of me at that time – always chasing improvement!

I have a Business Management degree from Capital University and have my MBA as well. I have traveled the world in business, but my passion has been understanding nutrition and fitness and the direct benefits it has on our health!

I am known for embracing the fitness lifestyle through macro-based eating and teaching others about the macro-nutrient lifestyle. I enjoy showing my clients that there is a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying food! You can eat ANYTHING, but just not EVERYTHING!
Changing and growing into a healthier version you is a journey and I would be honored to be there every step of the way to guide you to the end!