Marcy Diehl

HI There!! My Name Is Marcy Diehl and I think it is important to share just a bit of who I am and why I have chosen to do what I do today!! The information I will be sharing with you is a critical piece in deciding if you and I will be given the chance to work together.

I decided to become a Personal Trainer for multiple reasons although most important I chose this path as to help people to achieve their goals and understand it is NEVER too late to get started and that we can NEVER give up HOPE on ourselves!!! I myself personally had my own major transformation and was able to lose 47 pounds and successfully keep it off. The key to success for each one of us is to NOT go on a diet, it is to make all of our changes a way of life!

Prior to losing 47 pounds, I struggled for many years with My addiction to Alcohol!! My Sobriety is something that today I wear with a badge of courage. I would not have the passion for life and coaching that I have today if I myself had not undergone the transformation personally. Sobriety by far is Probably one of my most accomplished traits. Transparency is key to my success today! I have no secrets and live life to the fullest!

I believe there are certain traits within myself that will never change. My Fervor and Perseverance for Life is Mighty and it is Contagious!! My daily morning reminder will always be Get Up, Dress Up and Show Up!! I have been involved with several life altering experiences and have chosen to NEVER give up! One being an infection in my shoulder that nearly took my life. It is with unbelievable Gratitude today I can say that I survived and am blessed with an artificial shoulder! I share this nugget of information with you to assure you I will NOT let you give up and I guarantee you we will achieve your goals together!!

My credentials are just a byproduct of the passion I have to help others. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach along with Behavioral Certification.

I had worked with my family for 27 years in a Family owned business. Something always seemed to be missing .It obviously took me a few years to pinpoint what that was. I decided that I was not fulfilling my “Purpose”. Then one day I made the choice to change my entire life! I made the decision to start my own business and I opened the Doors to Mad Quest Fitness.

I am a Fun Loving, authentic Wife and Proud Mama of two daredevil children. My son is 19 and races Motocross and my Daughter 16 is a competitive Snowboarder and also Competes In Hunter Jumper Horseback. On a funny note I would like to say I always dreamed of being a Soccer Mom, although apparently that was not in the plans for me. I would not change a thing today!!

Every single good moment, bad moment and Near Death experience I have experienced to this day, has brought me to the place I am in the Fitness and Nutrition Industry!! With all of that being said I can’t wait to have the opportunity to CRUSH your goals together.