Avery Paddock


My name is Avery Paddock, founder of Avery's Peak Performance. As a recent college graduate with a degree in Sports and Recreational Leadership, I'm thrilled to combine my passion for fitness, nutrition, and helping others to create a platform dedicated to elevating lives.

Having been a 4-year college basketball athlete myself, I understand the challenges of balancing a demanding schedule while striving to maintain optimal fitness and nutrition. It's not easy, and that's exactly why I chose to become a nutrition coach. I believe that no matter what life throws our way, we all deserve to reach our peak performance.

With Avery's Peak Performance, my mission is clear: I'm here to guide and empower you, regardless of your circumstances, to achieve your ultimate potential. I've personally experienced the hurdles of finding time to eat healthily and stay at the top of your fitness game. But with dedication, strategic planning, and a touch of motivation, it's absolutely achievable.

My vision is simple yet powerful: I want to help you find the right path in both fitness and nutrition, leading you to that sweet spot of Peak Performance. Let's work together to conquer your goals and embrace a life of energy, balance, and success!