Nathanael Wright

My name is Nathanael Wright of PowerOfOne Fitness MIND, BODY & SPIRIT. My health and fitness journey has been apart of my entire life as I was a very active kid that played every sport that I could and did. I was known for not being able to be kept inside the house for nothing when the sun was up. So fast forward to life now after a failed marriage of 13 years that resulted in my 4 wonderful blessing from God and a dad bod I just about had enough of…….I’m not going to sugar coat it and say that the journey has been easy because it hasn’t. The journey has taken nine years weighing at my heaviest 215lbs to 207lbs with 27% body fat to be where I am today at 163lbs with 7% body fat and it’s a continuous journey as we are always under construction in MIND, BODY and SPIRIT to become the men and women God has purposed and created us to be! So I know what pitfalls and crossroads and all obstacles you will face and in this and on this journey so WE will be in it together doing the inner work that needs to be done within your MIND. Then we get to work on the BODY through proper personalized nutrition and physical exercise! Lastly and most importantly we build up your SPIRIT with fellowship in God’s word SAVING and CHANGING lives all for Gods Glory and His Kingdom!