Brandon & Alecia Ditsch

Brandon and Alecia Ditsch are a coaching team and parents to two wonderful boys. They want to share their passion for fitness and health with others to help them look, feel, and perform their best. They understand that what you put into your body not only has an impact on your physical health, but also plays a major role in mental health and cognitive function. They will provide nutrition and training programs that are tailored to your needs.

Brandon is a data driven individual, with a undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's degree in Business Administration. By day he works as an Engineering Project Manager. He uses his background as a project manager to provide you with a plan and gives you the tools you need to stay on track. Alecia brings a more compassionate background. She has a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing and is a Registered Nurse. She is in her final stage of earning her Master's of Science in Nursing degree after which she will become a Nurse Practitioner. By day she works as a stay at home mom, and by night she works as a stay at home mom. Working as a Registered Nurse, Alecia has seen the toll that not prioritizing your health and wellness can take on your body. She wants to use her passion for helping people and her knowledge of the body to help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

Join us on this journey and become a healthier YOU!