Mary Diekamp

Hi! I'm Mary, a motivated and driven mother of three who has a passion for coaching and helping others along their fitness and nutrition journey. Life can be busy, or maybe you just don’t know how to get started. I understand and believe in the importance of taking care of your body and mind and providing you with the knowledge, guidance, encouragement, and tools to do so!

I have always had an interest in fitness and nutrition but didn’t develop a true passion until about 8 years ago. Growing up I was always an athlete and it was naturally a part of my life to train and stay active year round. Fast forward a few years and two kids later... I found myself at a place I didn’t realize I had gotten to. I tried a few fad diets and home workout videos when I got desperate, but it was when I began making it a life style that I saw true results. One goal led to another and I was in prep for my first bodybuilding competition when I became amazed at what our bodies, (and minds) are capable of. This is when my true journey and passion began.

Your fitness journey is so much more than losing weight or hitting a certain number on the scale. It’s developing good habits, making good decisions, setting goals, planning ahead, and finding a balance that’s right for you to create a healthy you! I have dieted to the extreme and have binged from emotional eating. I don’t believe you should restrict yourself from the foods you love or that your diet should control your life. Crash diets will more than likely end up back at the same place you began. I have become passionate about helping others learn what their bodies need to achieve their goal and to understand the science behind it and why.

The hardest part of any journey is getting started. Whatever your level, I am excited to be able to have the knowledge and tools to help you create a healthy lifestyle that brings and develops lifelong habits and results. Let’s get started!