Roxanne Vis  

I am Roxanne Vis, and in 2021, I decided that I no longer wanted to live my life “by accident.” I am the founder and owner of Mindful Nutrition Coaching.

I grew up in Ontario, Canada and found myself drifting along from one experience, situation, relationship, and job to another without a whole lot of thought about what I really wanted or who I wanted to become. Don’t get me wrong, my life was ok, but it was not EXCEPTIONAL.

I have the education (Bachelor’s of Arts, English Literature and History), I have the designations (MFDA, PFP), and I eventually committed to a career path in Financial and Retirement Planning. I love helping people, that is the one thing I have always known! And I’m good at coaching clients to make the decisions that help them live the lives and retirement of their dreams.

In 2021, as I entered my 50’s, I finally started to wake up. I found an exceptional approach and community that showed me that I could be, and achieve so much more! I originally started because I wanted and needed to lose weight, and take control of my health. As they say in that community, it’s not only about the weight you lose, but who you become in the process.

I was always that person that dismissed the “woo woo” of the “personal growth” industry. Let’s just say I was skeptical. There are so many new “thought leaders” out there… and it’s a fine line between finding someone who is really a modern day philosopher vs. a potential cult leader! It’s a very fine line! As I surrendered myself to the process, got my own coach, and learned how to be coachable, my life started to change. The metamorphosis was gradual, but dramatic.

How so? From a statistics point of view, I lost almost 100 lbs and over 40”. I’m not a big human at 5’ 4”, so these kinds of results are dramatic. My goal was to be “fit in my 50’s”. Little did I know that I could be fierce in my 50’s too! Statistics are all well and good, but they can’t tell you about the change on the inside.

The way I was living my life, I was invisible. No one knew me. No one was keeping a record of my life (thank you Ed Mylett for explaining this). Through my journey of personal growth, and as I started to level up my life, I realized that I wanted to dedicate my life in the service of other people. Which is where Mindful Nutrition Coaching comes in. I completed my Nutrition Coaching certification early in 2023, and launched Mindful Nutrition Coaching. With the MNC approach we don’t just focus on what we put into our bodies, but what is going on in our mind. Let me walk this journey alongside you. Together we can use the same approach I did to lose 100lbs and transform my life. Why wait? It’s time for YOU to transform your life.