Katina Curran

I am a Mom of 4 and a Grandma to 6, with a Superman for a husband. I have been in the fitness industry since 2005 from all aspects from janitor to Manager. I am not afraid of hard work and putting in the time to get the work done.

I have competed in mud runs, sprint triathlons, biking and figure along with many other competitions.

I understand the weight and health issues because I have struggled with both. I am a firm believer in “All around Strength” your mind, body and spirit need to be strong. Transformations aren’t always weight loss or physical, when I see a client who comes to me not believing in themselves or emotionally exhausted from whatever they are battling come in after sometime working together having a lighter step, a softer breathe or a glow of happiness I know they are on the verge of gaining control back of their life! This is my confirmation I am on the right path. Helping people is good for my soul.

I am very family focused, after losing my brother in 2014 to kidney disease my family and I decided to put our grief to work and help others that suffer from kidney disease. Today our team is the #1 in the state and 11th in the Nation for fundraising. We help those locally that need assistance with transportation, medicine, gas, etc. it’s not about money we bring awareness to this disease and living donors.

So like I said Helping is good for my soul.

I would love the opportunity to work with you to help you achieve “All around Strength”