David Gelb and Landell Cade

David and Landell are two guys who are not afraid of a challenge, they have been that way if they have been friends. Between being in law enforcement and the military they both have the mindset and the tools necessary to be able to adapt and overcome any situation they are presented with. Landell and David flourished in fitness while working for anytime fitness and received many recognitions with the company. With those tools, mindset and experience they decided to start L&D fitness.

Between the both they have over 30 years’ experience in the fitness industry. David has been a personal trainer since he was 18 years old and has competed in powerlifting and bodybuilding since he was 18 as well. Landell while in law enforcement was a high liability instructor and instructed thousands of recruits in the importance of physical fitness amongst other important variables of being in law enforcement. While with anytime fitness they both were able to help thousands of members reach their goals in health and wellness.

Why they chose to be a nutrition coach is because of their passion to help everyone and anyone they can. They like to be able to have as many “tools” in their “toolbox” as possible. Nutrition is the area that they came across that people needed help in the most. So, because of their passion to educate those around them. They decided to educate themselves and become nutrition coaches.

The vision is to have healthy and happy families all around us. We want families to be around for the long run to teach their families the importance of a healthy lifestyle and macro friendly eating.