​Brandon Garner

Brandon Garner

​Brandon struggled with his weight throughout his adolescence, but eventually discovered athletics as an outlet to get in shape. He became passionate about wrestling and took part in the sport from junior high through college. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Nutrition, Brandon wanted to help others and began a career in personal training at established gyms, before eventually running his own personal training studio. Although successful at training, Brandon felt that it was sometimes hard to understand the daily struggles of some of his clients in the corporate world, as his own environment fostered a healthy lifestyle.

​After several years as a personal trainer, Brandon took a job opportunity in the professional business sector and finally realized the daily struggles that most people faced. The new working environment was full of long hours, unhealthy eating, and stress. Even with the knowledge learned through study and years of personal training, Brandon put on 50 pounds over the course of the next two years. He finally understood the constraints his previous clients had struggled with, developing the awareness he previously lacked. At 30 years old, after being told he was pre-diabetic, Brandon decided to get his life back on track and lost 35 pounds. When the weight loss became more difficult, after hitting a plateau, Brandon reached out to his old mentor, Jesse Dale, and discovered Macro Missionary.

Four months later he is back to his college weight, his medical labs are in the excellent range and he is, once again, passionate about helping others going through similar struggles. Brandon is still building on his corporate success, but now knows how to balance his career and lifestyle. He would like to help you do the same.