Anthony Hernandez

My name is Anthony, and I am a proud father of two girls. Life has been a real rocky road, but I was born, and bred a Texan. I come from a bit of everywhere, but my heart always laid rest here in Texas. This recent breakup of mine was my last straw, and my faith believed it to be the tipping scale for me to leap into what I have put off for many years.

I am a great motivator, and I have no problem helping others see the greatness inside them. My specialties are protection, and insight-fullness. Some say I’m a very strong analytical thinker, and some say I am a dreamer. Frankly folks I’m just like you, and you, and you! I have ups, downs, and days where I downright just say forget it. The difference, MINDSET! A NO EXCUSE Mindset to do the work, so that my girls see the standards of a beast.

Let’s Rise to the challenge together, allow me to walk alongside you on your quest to greatness!