Alisha Miller​


​I have been practicing outpatient physical therapy and sports medicine for the last 16 years. I have also been an athlete going from soccer and basketball to long distance running. Last year I set a goal to compete in my first bikini competition. I achieved my goal and learned so much about nutrition, training,and most importantly about myself, During lasts years journey I had many highs and lows especially with nutrition. Throughout my training I had two great coaches who were always there for me, Since the competition I have had many more ups and downs with training and life. I decided that it was time for me to share my story and give back. 

As I have developed Rogue 1 Physical Therapy and Nutrition it is my vision to share my knowledge with the competitive athlete, the casualty exerciser, the one that is just starting to explore a healthier lifestyle, and anyone in between.

I am excited to share my knowledge, connect with you about nutrition and wellness, and to help you reach your goals.