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Holiday Weight Gain: A MACRO Look
Depending on the statistics that you look at “holiday” weight gain ranges from 2-10+ pounds.  Some of the variance is[...]
Cardiovascular Benefits A Holistic Look
Recently it has come to light that in trained individuals who exercise 3-4 days per week that they do not[...]
Life In The Fast Lane Eating Healthy On The Go
​We are busy! Some days, like it or not, there is no time to smell the roses and if it[...]
Nutrition And Your Pregnancy
**Important Note** this article is simply an awareness tool with some overall, big picture concepts that may be beneficial. It[...]
Digestion & Gut Health Better Mind Better Body
Have you ever heard that your gut is your second brain? Scientists are linking our overall health including digestive, mental[...]
The Top Factors Of Recovery
​Recovery is probably one of the most least understood concepts in the fitness industry, particularly with younger, competitive, type A[...]
How Much Protien Do I Need?
Of all the topics on nutrition this is probably the most widely talked about, debated, and publicized. The supplement industry[...]
The 2 things that Can Be STOPPING Your Progress and KILLING YOU! And what to do about it.
You train HARD! You put the work in, eat right, get your protein in and even try to get a[...]
What is a Net Carb? Understanding Net Carbs.
My wife and I were food shopping the other day at a popular health food store where we purchase our[...]
Are You In a Caloric Deficit and Not Seeing a Scale Weight Drop?
You are following your diet and training hard but the darn scale is not moving! What is the deal?!?!? This[...]
How Often Should I Eat? Exploring Meal Frequency.
I grew up around the bodybuilding industry, so earlier on most of my information came from “the big guy” at[...]
The Benefits of Fiber
You have been told for years now to eat more fiber and how great it is for you, but do[...]
Coconut Oil; Hype or Valid?
So, you don’t want to eat your fat, or more specifically you don’t understand why coconut oil is so strongly[...]
How to Build Muscle
You’ve heard the old saying “TRAIN HARD” and while this is true, if you are looking to make adding a[...]
Building Muscle While Losing Fat
​Short answer… YES absolutelyThere are a lot of misconceptions as far as how fat loss and building muscle works and[...]
What % Bodyfat Do I Need To Be To See My Abs?
​What percent you at bro?!?!?!There are a lot of misconceptions as far as how percent body fat relates to APPEARING[...]
3 Things Sabotaging Your Diet and How to Fix Them
​3 Things Sabotaging Your Diet and How to Fix Them ​You are motivated, ready to lose fat and get in[...]

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