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​Are you looking for an affiliate program that is for the fitness professional who is thinking big picture and wants to make a larger impact on world by increasing the amount of clients they can positively impact?

Fill out the form and tell us why you’d like to launch your nutrition business and we will contact you within 24 hours

The affiliate program provides you with all of the tools and systems needed to enable you to coach more clients and impact more lives. In addition to having full access to all of the tracking logs, algorithms, marketing material, recipes, meal plans, and other intellectual properties, affiliates are also provided ongoing business coaching, a profile on the MacroMissionary corporate website, and most, notably MacroMissionary corporate provides paid advertising in order to get your schedule FULL! Not only are affiliates receiving all of the information that we have acquired in the last 22 years, ongoing coaching, but we work and advertise to help them grow their business and positively change lives. This “unified” approach to the obesity epidemic has never been attempted in the industry and we know that it is going to be a serious step to eradicating the obesity plague. We are looking for hard working, purpose driven people with an entrepreneurial mindset who feel its their purpose, duty, and responsibility to impact as many lives as possible. If this is you then lets talk.

A personal note from Jesse and Erika...

Erika is currently studying for her PhD in nutrition to ensure we are constantly providing our clients the best possible knowledge!

We look forward to the opportunity of helping you on your own unique journey.