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Macro Missionary is not JUST for those who want to drop body fat, but also for those who want to perform better. Do you desire a faster run time, want to lift heavier, maybe you're an athlete and want to excel at your next event? Let Macro Missionary help!

Thank you for everything

I just wanted to say Thank you for everything. I never thought in a million years I could have done something like that! Crazy.

Jenny Brown

The results I'm getting both physically and mentally

Jesse,  I just want to let you know how happy and satisfied I am with the program. The results I'm getting both physically and mentally, I just can't thank you and your plan enough. I have struggled over the years to attain this goal. Who knows what I may want to next….Thanks so much.

Mike Trout

You definitely have this down to a "science" ! 

Ok thanks Jesse for all your help! You definitely have this down to a "science" ! I'm sure we don't tell you thanks enough for pouring your heart and soul into these competitions and preparing each athlete ! I look forward to many more and will continue the referrals! I think you met my friend Amanda last week !

- Autumn!

I ran a half marathon this weekend and got a PR!!!

I am going to Chicago for a fitness convention on Thursday to Sunday so I want to come to the gym the following weekend for a workout with the group. Also I must say the workouts and nutrition week one have been awesome!!! I ran a half marathon this weekend and got a PR!!! We ran in the country at times up and down hills. I felt great and accomplished. I have ran well over a dozen half marathons and never felt this good about my run!! I have been telling everyone about your programs. I hope to recruit a few people. I also know of a lady that wants to talk with you and wants to join your team. Fabulous resultz!!!!!! 


Personal Best in Olympic Competition

Thanks to your guidance I made weight at last week’s competition and placed 2nd.

My weight came in at 68.45 kg (150.9 lbs). .55 kg under the maximum.

Strength and stamina was very solid.

Snatch – made 48 kg, missed on 51 kg and then made 51 kg on next attempt.

This was a competition PR of 3 kg above previous contest..

C&J – made 63 kg, made 66 kg but missed 70 kg. My form broke down in the clean.

This was a competition PR of 1 kg above previous contest.

My macro missionary story is a little bit different than most,

My macro missionary story is a little bit different than most, a lot of people come to the system to try to lose weight, for me it was always a matter of trying to increase my athletic performance. I got into the sport CrossFit in late 2016 and in the macro missionary program around late 2017 after my first year not seeing much success in the sport itself I knew that I needed to make nutritional changes to be at peak performance. Since I began the MacroMissionary program I have been able to lift more weight move with more endurance, agility, stamina and improve all aspects of the sport of CrossFit through a well driven nutritional guide. I have seen leaps and bounds in my recovery with the help of macro Missionary, which is easily half the battle for performance! I'm looking forward to continued success following the knowledge set forth by Macro Missionary!

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