Why we are different

We don't just tell you what to eat, we teach you why, and help you become more educated as well as aware about food.

We understand that you have a life outside of living a healthy lifestyle. We also get the fact that “diets” don’t work… Period!

Do you really want to look back at your life and remember it by constantly having to say "I can't eat that" or "we can't do date night because I’m dieting"?

These are the real issues standing in the way of most people we talk to, and once they understand this fact we can feel their aura change and immediately see the confidence overcome them.

Our program will help you reinvent yourself and live the abundant life that you’ve always wanted!

Click below to enroll now and start living the healthy, purpose and goal driven life that you deserve!

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Meet our Corporate Coaches

Jesse Dale

Jesse has been helping the community get in shape since he started in the industry at 18 years old working as a personal trainer.

His passion for health, fitness and nutrition has been fueled through his pursuit of education. 

Erika Dale

​Erika has a masters degree in Psychology and began her fitness journey when she lost 60lbs and decided she wanted to help others on their journeys as she understood the difficulties, but also the joys along the way.

Denette Kirschner

​Wife, Mom of 3(22, 19 & 16), business owner (salon/nutrition/fitness/Christian Life Coach). Certified nutritionist 17+ years. Fitness competitor 6+ yrs.
Passionate about helping others feel their very best!

Chris & Heather Polson

Chris and Heather understand that life gets busy and messy, but with their attention to detail and desire to see you succeed, they will be there to guide you through. With their combined knowledge, efforts and attitudes, Chris and Heather will help you form healthy habits that will last a lifetime without sacrificing what life has to offer.

Who we are:

NOBODY has a nutrition TEAM like we do!  We have been helping people implement and understand proper nutrition for over 22 years and counting.  We are here for individuals who have tried it all and are so frustrated they are almost ready to give up. Regardless of your goal our AREA coaching model will help you get to where you want to be. Our coaching model provides constant education & awareness which keeps your mind and body in GROWTH mode. Depending on where you are at in your journey will determine the level of accountability and responsibility that you are willing to take on to reach your goal. This is what makes our program a true LIFESTYLE sustainable forever and not just another “diet” How we set up your plan is another key factor in our members success! We have a 3 tier goal setting system that will make you unshakeable in your journey!

What is macronutrient based nutrition?

  • The macronutrients are protein, carbohydrates, fat, and alcohol.  The process of tracking your macronutrients is simply knowing exactly what nutrients you are putting into your body to accomplish a certain goal by a certain time.  For example losing 50 lbs by your 25th wedding anniversary in 4 months.
  • Muscle weight, body type, lifestyle factors, bodyfat distribution, TDEE,  performance or physique objectives and time frame all come into play in determining your protein, CHO, and fat needs
  • We embraces a holistic approach to fat loss NOT solely a model based off restriction.  Expansion is a concept often overlooked in nutritional intervention strategies.  
  • Each plan is individually designed and no two are the same even though separate people may have the same height, age, weight, etc…
  • Our nutrition system encourages a healthy relationship with food.  Team members are able to eat their favorite foods, fitting them into their macronutrient profile and not feel guilty or shamed.
  • Macros are KEY but micronutrients such as fiber must be in place as well, all plans account for this

What are our beliefs on nutrition?

We embraces a holistic, lifestyle approach to fat loss NOT solely a model based off restriction. Expansion is a concept often overlooked in nutritional intervention strategies.

Each persons needs & wants are different and no two people are the same even though they may have the same height, age, weight, etc…

Our nutrition system encourages a healthy relationship with food. Team members are able to eat their favorite foods without feeling guilty or shamed.

A key concept that we will coach you on is how to eat your needs before your wants. Just like managing our checkbook, we need to pay to keep the lights on first then, with what’s left over, we can purchase that new pair of shoes or outfit we want. We believe that “diet” fail (diets have a 95% failure rate over 3 years) because they only address the physical aspect of ones self and leave out the emotional and spiritual aspect. 

Macro Missionary:
Team Member Requirements

  • Possess a high desire to succeed and follow a plan from start to finish
  • Must be proficient in basic email
  • Positive team oriented attitude
  • Be willing to communicate your progress 
  • Be coachable and able to follow directions

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The Science of it all...

Our nutritional program leaves NOTHING to chance and is scientifically formulated based off the individuals unique physiology, muscle mass, bodyfat distribution, insulin sensitivity, TDEE, and more. No one size fits all or cookie cutter nutrition plans.  With over 22 years experience why would you want to go somewhere else?  

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