Meet our Coaches


Jason Patterson

Jason “Warriorfit” Patterson is a newly-certified nutrition and wellness instructor with a mission to stop the obesity epidemic and promote macro awareness!


Danielle Hofer

Danielle became a Macro Missionary Nutrition Coach to empower others to live healthier so that they can live out their purpose.  She works well with clients committed to themselves. 


Angie Miller

My name is Angie Miller. I am the mother of two grown sons and have two grand children. I am the co-owner of a gym in Martinsville, IN, where I get to share my passion for health and wellness.

Hudson Wikoff 

Hudson Wikoff has been in the fitness and nutrition industry for  15 years. He prides himself on his ability to guide and support individuals to their goals while inspiring others


Thomas Hylton

Thomas Hylton has been involved in the fitness and nutrition industry for many years. He has a passion for helping others with their health and put an end to the yo yo dieting lifestyle. 


Jason Beer

Jason's passion for changing lives exceeds all others. As a personal trainer and gym owner, he is changing lives daily. One of his life goals is to make an impact on the fight against obesity. 

Matt Clark

Matt has had a passion for health and fitness since his teenage years. He has a mission to help get others out of the old mindset that a diet must be restrictive and make you miserable.

Angie Clay

As an ACE certified personal trainer Angie has always loved working out and fitness, but in the last 8 years nutrition has really started to become her focus. 

Brandon Garner

Brandon struggled with his weight throughout his adolescence and then again in corporate life. He wants to help others balance career and a healthy lifestyle based on his experiences.

Bill Hasler

Bill decided to take his passion for personal health and wellness and share it with as many people as possible. Taking care if our bodies is a life-long journey, and it is meant to be enjoyed.


Julie LaPorta

Julie believes one of her purposes is to help people learn how to live a healthy lifestyle so they can do all that God has planned for them, and, to achieve their own personal goals.

Amber Lynch

Amber began her fitness career over 10 years ago as an Anytime Fitness club owner. Her mission is to empower others & teach how to fuel their body and live a healthier, happier life.


Jennifer Lynn

Jennifer has found with macro nutrition that it is possible to balance your life and reach your goals no matter your age, your work schedule or how busy you and your family are. 


MarDock Macros

James and Karissa own Mardock Macros.  James has been a personal trainer since 2005 and Karissa has trained and completed in several half marathons and marathons in past 10 years.

Erik Richards

Erik is living proof that God does orchestrate second chances at life! We have been gifted with Round II, and a second chance to find true love, health and happiness.

Ian Schmidt

Ian understands the day to day struggle for busy persons trying to squeeze fitness and diet plans into their lives.  He seeks to find ways to make the macro life fit into the busiest schedules.

Leslie Snider

With a passion for fitness and nutrition, along with the desire to help others Leslie started his fitness career in 2002 as a certified personal trainer through NASM, ISSA, and ACE.

Lindsey Whittle

From 12 years of dance, 4 years of cheerleading, and now nearly 4 years of bodybuilding, Lindsey focuses on teaching others the possibility of having a healthier life without major sacrifices.


Chad and Becky Arterburn

Jim and Jennifer Beebe

Johnette Cruz

Katie Eden

Rachel Ferguson

​David Gelb and Landell Cade

David Gelb & Landell Cade

Janae Martoni

Dianne & Tommy McCollister

Casey Pruitt

Heather Roundtree

Evan Sitzman

Shannon Tenney

Dawn Verret

Ann Walton

Chris Call

Kane Bentley

Scott Dodd

Valerie Hoaganson

Hank Hughes


Lanny Jones


Alisha Miller

Chasity Phifer and David Hale

Diana Salinas

Erik Strauch


Justin Walker

Anthony Vitale

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