Danielle Hofer

Danielle became a Macro Missionary Affiliate to empower others to live healthier so that they can live out their purpose. She herself is in it
to fight long genetic lines of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.
She is strictly opposed to restrictive diets, yo-yo dieting, detox
programs, and meal replacement shakes because they aren’t sustainable or life giving.

Danielle works well with clients who are committed to themselves and
committed to following through with their nutritional goals. She
believes that working with a coach is particularly important, because
it teaches what foods work best for your specific body as well as how
much you as an individual should be eating for your lifestyle. We can
all eat “healthy” or “clean” but the right amounts is what matters.

With the drive to live a life of integrity and authenticity, Danielle
brings to the table a full gamut of the body, food, and spiritual
aspects of life.