Tyona Thomas

Hi, I'm Tyona, a wife and a mom to two amazing boys.

You may resonate with parts of my story. I am here to help you get through the struggles that you are going through.

Before I decided to take care of my health I was on several medications, my gut health was poor, I had low energy, wasn't feeling like myself, had bad anxiety, 70lbs overweight, and was considered obese for my height. I didn't have the energy to play with my boys and that hurt my momma heart a lot. I started to have mounting health issues and it worried me thinking I wouldn't be around to watch my boys grow up.

I tried all kinds of fad diets, but nothing worked and when I stopped the fad diets, I gained all the weight back because I wasn’t shown how to eat healthy real food in the real world.

In 2019 I decided to get my health back. I'm off ALL my medications, I'm down 70lbs making me at a healthy weight for my height. My overall health and gut health are better too. Best of all, I'm able to play with my boys due to all the energy I have now.

As your nutrition coach, I get the opportunity to watch you achieve the same great success and accomplish the same satisfying results! This is not a quick fix or fad diet. This is lasting sustainable change. This is a lifestyle!