Timothy Chapell

Let me introduce myself. My name is Tim Chapell. I am the owner of Ridge Nutrition Coaching LLC. I am 50 years old. I am married and have four kids of my own and three wonderful bonus kids from my beautiful wife. I've worked in a couple different industries during my lifetime, from retail to banking, factory work for a major automotive company, dock work for a trucking company and most recently for the last 14 years working as a railroad conductor.

All of these experiences have given me many different insights. I've met so many different types of people and listened to their stories and heard just about as many different perspectives that have really shaped who I am at my core.

My wife and I are into outdoorsy types of activities. Among some of those activities are mountain/trail biking as well as road cycling, camping, hiking, fishing and boating. We generally enjoy being outside and active, although we do enjoy a tremendously good TV series for downtime and watching MLB baseball or food network. I am an avid at home "chef/cook". I love being in the kitchen and creating tasty meals as a painter might work with brushes on canvas. I am a major foodie and enjoy craft beers, artisan breads meats and cheeses, wineries, tasty bourbons and fantastic local food spots all over the country.

To be short, I have a deep appreciation for the craft and quality and not necessarily the glitz and glamour of name brands. I am a down to earth person with a firm grip in reality. I have followed the science of food, nutrition and fitness for most of my life just as an active observer and studied and applied different principles in my own life over the years. Some with success and some failures.

I am currently on this new journey to culminate all of my past knowledge with everything that I have been learning about Macro Missionary to set my feet on a path of not just eating well, but eating and being healthy while not having to "be" on a diet all the time. Not worrying about restrictions of food, but being able to enjoy experiences and being able to fit it into my health goals and daily eating habits. It is a lifestyle change for me and the start of a business that will allow me to teach and coach others to a better way of eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.