Sven Becker

Hi, my name is Sven Becker, I live in White Rock B.C. Canada. I am a father to the sweetest 8-year-old girl.

Growing up I was highly active, I swam, played soccer, and practiced Karate. I discovered weightlifting in the later grades when my school offered a human performance course.

I learned the importance of nutrition in my mid-twenties when my mom had cancer. As she navigated this disease, she changed her whole diet. I learned that positive state of mind, spirituality and a healthy diet and exercise needed to be incorporated into my life.

When my daughter was 2 and I was out of shape and always feeling tired I discovered a strength training program that really resonated with me. And my powerlifting journey began. I followed this program 3 days a week. In a short few months, I was the strongest I had ever been. There was a mental toughness that I learned as I lifted with little sleep, at the same time, I overcame the fear of lifting incredible amounts of weight. It has helped me to this day to get over mental barriers. And now I schedule around my workouts, it has become part of life. Five years later I competed in the BCPA summer open.

The past eleven years I cooked for our residents in a hospice. It made me realize the finite time we have here and how each day is so valuable. That experience was incredibly rewarding, and I loved seeing the joy and happiness from patients and families as I brought them meals. But I felt a calling to help others to lead a full healthy life with nutrition and exercise and to be happy in their body and get that youthful energy back. I have become a coach so I can fully live this life while helping others achieve their goals.

I help families navigate to a healthier life and become the best version of themselves. This is my passion!