Shaun Kramer

Welcome! My name is Shaun Kramer, and like my Father before me, my God given purpose is simply to help others. After years in the corporate world, I, with the support of my amazing wife Sarah decided to pursue my Personal Training certification to truly make an impact, and to choose a career that sets my soul on fire.

Through the knowledge and experience I have earned through years in the fitness industry, I am fortunate to continue changing lives through a compassionate, and REAL approach. Though not overly complex, I know that he path to one’s personal transformation is not simply a one size fits all! Let me show you how, with small changes to your daily lifestyle, a consistent attitude of “showing up” and a “no plan B” mindset can finally move that mountain of doubt!

Simply put, YES. YOU. CAN.

Let’s get to WORK.

Shaun Kramer
ACE Certified Trainer