​Scott Dodd

Scott Dodd

​​Scott gained his love for fitness through strength and conditioning to become a better athlete for his college baseball career. He started his fitness journey at 16 and remains full steam ahead! Tenured in training and coaching, he’s been working with clients and athletes since the summer of 2016 where he started at LA Fitness before moving over to Life Time shortly before graduating from Indiana Wesleyan University.

With a background in Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, Strength and Conditioning, and also working as a Metabolic Specialist for Life Time, Scott has worked with nearly all walks of life. His time working with 1:1 clients in a commercial gym setting has allowed him to hone in on his coaching style and learn how to work with clients of all varieties, from general weight loss and lean muscle gain, to athletes looking to compete at the next level! Some of his training coaching highlights includes helping a client lose 60 lbs in 6 months before his 59th birthday and helping high school/college athletes increase their squats and deadlifts by nearly 200 lbs!

If you’re looking to get strong as an ox, put on some lean muscle, or shed those last few pounds, Scott is your guy! He takes a hands on approach with his clients and truly provides a high quality coaching experience. With a belief that we should continue to learn every day, Scott prioritizes continuing to educate his clients about the importance of nutrition, programming, and how the two go hand in hand for our bodies to respond appropriately according to your goals! His goal in life is to make this world lean, jacked, or strong one person at a time!