Ryan Jones

As a competitive bodybuilder I have always had a passion for fitness and working hard to accomplish the goals you want in life. Since I was 15 I have always been a leader in not only sports but, within both my community and family. This has inspired others to bet on themselves and work hard towards an important goal they have always wanted to accomplish.

I am an alumni of Bethel University, where I pursued my degree in Kinesiology in 2018 I also ran track & field. During those four years of competing, I became a 3x All-American. Being part of a Christian based school allowed me to grow spiritually and connect with people that have inspired me to help others and use my own knowledge to bring out the best version of those people as well. During my senior year I acquired my personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and a specialty certification in nutrition.

In 2019 I started coaching track & field because I had a passion for helping the athletes in my hometown get the knowledge and training they needed for their sport. Growing up, there were not many coaches who had the knowledge let alone the background to get athletes where they needed to be when it came to taking things to the next level or just having a great season as a whole. That’s when I knew I wanted to not only further my education in health, fitness and nutrition but, to use the knowledge that I did have to give these athletes and the people in my community what I never had. Between the year of 2020-2021 bodybuilding opened those doors for me even more because I was able to connect and network with such a wide range of people who had the same interests and drive when it came to helping others. As much as I love competing and working on my own fitness goals, I also love spectating and being the guy to cheer you on and push you to be the best version of yourself.

Contest accomplishments:
•2021 NPC Midwest BOC Men’s Novice Physique Overall Champion

•2021 NPC Indiana State Championship Men’s Physique Mr. Indiana

•2021 NPC Battle of the States Men’s Physique Overall Champion