Nicole Gibson

Wellness has always been a passion of mine. I graduated from Ball State with a Bachelor's in Exercise Science. Since then, I've found an even greater and deeper love for mental health and overall wellness. I competed in the 2018 NPC Natural Indiana show and since then have dug deeper on what triggers people to overindulge as well as why there are so many who struggle with their relationship food. I have experience with body dysmorphia, eating disorders as well as nitpicking every inch of my body. Our minds are powerful and can cause more harm than good at times. I've spent the last 3 years studying mental health and overall wellness so that I am able to better connect with my patients and my clients. I love teaching others how to better care for their body and mind as well as find the root cause for the barriers they've endured throughout their lives.

Currently, I am studying to become a nurse at Marian University and will graduate December 2022. My goal is to work with psych patients and help them better understand the conditions that they suffer.

Everyone has to start somewhere and I know that I can be an asset in helping anyone achieve their fitness and wellness goals. It's important to me that people fall in love with who they are and to look and feel confident in their own skin.