NapTown Nutrition
(Hudson Wikoff)

Hudson Wikoff is a husband to Sarah and father of 2 beautiful girls! He's been in the fitness and nutrition industry for a combined 15 years. The most recent 7 years have been based in Indianapolis coaching at NapTown Fitness, with their mission to help make Indianapolis a top 10 healthy city while improving lives all around the world!

Hudson thrives on leveling up individuals awareness and education on nutrition, to help them live a long, healthy life through prevention and behavior based changes. He prides himself on his ability to guide and support individuals to their goals while inspiring others he comes in contact with to live a healthier lifestyle. He has the ability to compassionately listen to others needs and goals, allowing him to switch coaching hats to the style that best fits that individual client.

After several years of weight gain and realizing he could no longer outwork his poor nutritional habits, Hudson started digging in deep, educating himself on nutrition and obtaining certifications, which led to his first nutrition client losing 60 lbs. He knew after seeing that clients success, nutrition was the key to individuals' goals and long term health. Hudson has helped over a thousand people with a wide range of goals, from those wanting to lose 100 lbs, look and feel better, reduce inflammation, gain muscle, improve performance or just live a life free from chronic disease.

Through an individual approach and a community mindset that is fun and engaging he'll help give you the greatest gift on Earth, NOT a huge estate with millions in the bank, or even 6 pack abs (unless that's your goal), but the gift of health... Priceless.

Can you imagine going years without being sick, waking up every morning clear-headed, never having the need to swallow a pill, feeling strong and positive, functioning the way humans were meant to function, having healthy and positive relationships, running around with grandchildren or even great-grandchildren, daring to take a different path than the average American; these are life’s greatest gifts and why he chooses to dedicate his life to health and wellness.