Michael Mitchell

Hello there, My name is Michael. I am father of 3 beautiful children, husband to Kimberly. I have been involved with sports and fitness for a great majority of my life. I played football since youth league up until college. I had big dreams of playing pro but reality set in. I have personally struggled with yo yo diet. I thought just going to the gym is all that is needed to look and feel healthy. Unfortunately, just going to the gym is not the answer. With my personal journey I realize how important it is to control your diet and at the same time choosing a diet that you can enjoy. Doing so allowed me to step on stage for a bodybuilding competition and was very proud of the package I brought. I was able to eat the foods that I enjoy and it made the process easier.

I enjoy studying the anatomy of the human body and what it can achieve. You can achieve a better version of yourself with proper nutrition and having fun with foods you can actually enjoy.

The best feeling is helping others achieve the best versions of themselves and I am here to guide you through your journey with the proper tools and knowledge!