​Matt Clark


​Matt has had a passion for health and fitness since his teenage years. He enjoys most sports, hunting, fishing, the outdoors, as well as coaching wrestling and competing and training in mixed martial arts.  Growing up in a small town in southern Indiana, nutrient dense foods were not always top priority when it came to meal time. This led Matt to be overweight during some of his younger years, which now helps fuel his passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle through adulthood. Heading into middle school and high school, he gained more awareness of what he was putting into his body, in large part due to his involvement in wrestling. This passion for pushing his body to the limits and attempting to fuel his body adequately while maintaining a specific weight class only increased as he continued through high school and collegiate wrestling.

Having tried many crash diets and drastic techniques to make weight, Matt learned first-hand how poorly your body can feel and perform when it's not getting the nutrients that it needs. With this type of weight management, the weight would come right back when normal eating resumed, and the process would start all over again for the next week. After finishing his college career with a degree in Exercises Science and Psychology and moving on to coaching, Matt wanted to discover a better way to sustain a healthy weight, while maintaining his active lifestyle. It's become a mission of his to help get others out of the old mindset that a diet must be restrictive and make you miserable. Matt believes there is no reason that we can't fuel our bodies correctly and still enjoy our food and drink(he's a big fan of bourbon) in the process, and he wants to help you do the same.