Mark Mueller

Hello, and thank you for reading my bio! I’m Mark Mueller, Master Personal Fitness Trainer and Online Health and Fitness Coach. I am most fulfilled when I am successful in affecting significant and lasting positive change in someone’s life. I’m well equipped to help you with vast experience and education in the areas of fitness, nutrition, mindset and accountability. I can help you to implement habits and behaviors that enable you to improve performance in all areas of life. I do this by giving you the tools and guidance to obtain higher levels of performance, with greater confidence, a leaner body and more energy. All with less time and stress. The high level of accountability that I provide best assures follow through to your success.

I have been an avid student and mentor of health and fitness for over three decades. My experience includes:

  • Being an avid athlete, power lifter, and strength and conditioning enthusiast
  • As a U.S. Marine, I lead units in physical training programs
  • Earned black belt rank in Karate and Jujitsu, and years of experience in several other martial arts disciplines
  • 18 years educating clients on some of the most effective nutritional supplements available
  • Personally lead over 10,000 sessions as a certified personal fitness trainer

This experience has given me a broad perspective on ways to customize effective programs that are designed for an individual’s needs. I’ll save you a lot of time and money in the long run and give you a way to have great results while keeping focus on what is important in your life so that you can Get It Done! Get in contact with me and let’s get you going in the right direction and connect you to my free community. You have nothing to lose but body fat!