Kristine Grohnke

I’m Kristine Grohnke and the founder of Ignited Nutrition. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and am currently in the strength and conditioning industry. I have a Bachelor’s of Science with an emphasis in Exercise Science, along with multiple certifications that have helped me out greatly with where I am today.

Growing up I was super active with playing multiple sports and then finally going on to play D1 softball. I did not always have the best coaches to look up to, which is why I got into working more with athletes. I wanted to be that coach that my athletes could always come talk to and look to for advice whether it be about nutrition, different lifting programs, getting faster, or just life. With my passion for helping others, it blessed me with 20 plus national titles and forever friendships and memories with these athletes.

With my growing passion for the fitness and nutrition industry, I want to be able to reach as many individuals as I can and help educate them and help them grow to better understand what health and wellness is.

My vision is to see as many happy people/families as I can and for them to be able to pass on the knowledge that they’ve learned. And one day we can all knock out the fake diet industry and win this battle of life and happiness!